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=>General Automotive Equipment
=>General Automotive Equipment
Engine Scanner / Engine Scan Tools :
JBT ( Asia, Europe and America Vehicles)
Autoboss V30
Autoboss PC Max

Hydraulic and Garage Jack :
Engine Crane
Hydraulic Garage Jack
Transmission Jack
Hydraulic Press
Jack Stand

Car Testing Equipment :
Battery Charger & Tester
Timing Light
Diesel Injector Tester & Cleaner (4 & 6 Cylinder)
Belt Tension Gauge
Radiator Cup Tester RC3B, RC3BS, RC4B
Camber Caster Kingpin Gauge ( CCKG)
Head Light Tester
Nozzle Tester
Fuel Consumption Meter
Turning Radius Gauge
Compression Tester
Brake Tester Portable (Auto Stop Maxi)
Hidro Meter for ACCU

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jual air hose reel TRIENS; jual selang udara gulung
jual air hose reel....

Price: Negotiable

Air Hose Reel TRIENS

inner diameter : 6, 5mm
Length : 10m
dimension ; 314x290x152mm
body weight ; 3, 5kg

jual brake fluid tester JBC2102,  sukyoung JBC2102 brake fluid tester,  alat tes kepekatan minyak rem mobil
jual brake fluid....

Price: Negotiable

Brake Fluid Tester Sukyoung JBC 2102
This brake fluid tester is a precision instrument that is an easy and accruracte to check for water content of brake fluid. This tests the....

jual battery tester 100 Ampere ( dapat mengisi 8 aki sekaligus) ,  digital battery tester charger,  SY AUTO 100,  battery charger digital,  alat isi setrum Aki ACCU
jual battery tester....

Price: Negotiable

Digital Battery Tester & Quick Charger

Input Voltage : 220V, Single Phase, 50-60HZ
Output Voltage : DC 12V
Electric Current : Charging mode MAX60A, Starting Engines mode ....

battery quick charger 300ampere,  battery Charger for Car Truck & Bus,  alat cas/ pengisi strum aki accu bisa untuk 12 battery sekaligus
battery quick....

Price: Negotiable

Battery Quik Changer

AC Input : 110V~ 220V, Single Phase 50~ 60Hz, 4, 5KVA
DC Output : 6V~ 24V, Max 150A
SCR Rectification method
Safety breaking device
Dimension : ( W) ....

jual: ATF cleaner & charger ; alat pembersih ATF;
jual: ATF cleaner & ....

Price: Negotiable

ATF Cleaning & Charging

- Input voltage : 220 Volt
- Max pressure : 60PSI
- New and old reservoir capacity : 20L x 2
ATF-2300-220v automatic gear-box cleaner/ exchanger....

jual: injector cleaner 4 cylinder & 6 cylinder Challenger; alat pembersih injector mobil 4 cylinder & 6 Cylinder
jual: injector....

Price: Negotiable

Injector cleaner Challenger

Fuel tank capacity : 2, 4L
System Flow : 4 L / minute
System pressure : 0 6 kg/ cm2
Power : 220 V 50 hz , 500W
Intensity magnetic field : Less....

jual: belt tension gauge SPX OTC; alat ukur tegangan belt atau sabuk conveyor
jual: belt tension....

Price: Negotiable

Testing belt capability : 30lbs - 180lbs

Jual Spark Plug Cleaner Tester,  Alat pembersih dan test busi kendaraan bermotor,  Sukyoung Model SY SPCT100
Jual Spark Plug....

Price: Negotiable

Spark Plug Cleaner & Tester
Sukyoung SYSPCT100


Power Sources : AC220V, Single phase, 50/ 60 Hz
Working air pressure : About 7 ~ 10kg/ cm2
Abrasive sand : ....

jual: battery charger and jumper,  jumper aki mobil motor,  alat mesin charge isi setrum aki kendaraan,  murah
jual: battery....

Price: Negotiable

Battery charger

features :
- single phase battery charger and starter
- for changing lead acid batteries with 12/ 24V and starting all kinds of cars, van light truck, ....

compensator ; alat menempel CCKG pada pelk racing
compensator ; alat....

Price: Negotiable


The Wheel applicable : 13' ' ~ 18' '
Dimension : ( W) 375mm x ( L) 200mm x ( H) 105mm
Net Weight : 2.85Kg

jual brake fluid changer sukyoung SYBC111,  alat tes minyak rem mobil motor,  brake fluid tester
jual brake fluid....

Price: Negotiable

Brake Fluid Changer

Working Way : By air
The working pressure : 6 ~ 10kg/ cm2
Suction pressure : -50cmHG ~ -70cmHG
Storage tank capacity : 1, 5 L
Net Weight : 1, 25 kg

jual battery load tester analog,  Sukyoung SYBT200,  alat test daya tegangan strum aki mobil motor
jual battery load....

Price: Negotiable

Battery Load Tester

The applicable voltage : 12V
Applicable capacity of battery ( Car, Truck, Van etc) : 30Amp ~ 600Amp
Dimension : ( L) 320 x ( W) 200 x ( H) 250mm
Weight : ....

jual battery load tester digital,  digital battery tester Sukyoung SYDBT 600,  Alat tes daya tegangan strum aki mobil dan motor
jual battery load....

Price: Negotiable

Digital Battery Tester

Input Voltage : 220V, Single Phase, 50-60HZ
Output Voltage : DC 12V
Electric Current : Charging mode MAX60A, Starting Engines mode MAX300A

jual turning radius gauge,  turn table spooring,  alat ukur radius putar spooring mobil,  Sukyoung SYTRG45
jual turning radius....

Price: Negotiable

Turning Radius Gauge

Measuring Angle : 0° ~ 45°
Dimension : ( W) 360 x ( L) 430 x ( H) 65mm
Weight : 32 Kg
A use : From a passenger car to small sized truck

jual CCKG,  camber caster king pin,  sukyoung SYCCK201
jual CCKG, camber....

Price: Negotiable

CCKG Camber Caster King Pin

Camber : -5° ~ + 5°
Caster : -3° ~ 0 ~ + 10°
King pin : 0° ~ 16
Dimension : ( W) 90mm x ( L) 230mm
Weight : 1.7Kg

jual tire inflator,  nitrogen tire inflator,  alat isi angin ban nitrogen otomatis,  sukyoung SY300A
jual tire inflator, ....

Price: Negotiable

Tire inflator

Power : 220V, 50-60 HZ
Max Inlet Pressure : 10 kgf/ cm²
Max Inflet pressure : 150 Psi
Adjustable pressure range : 1 Psi
Accuracy : 0.01 kgf/ cm²
Dimension ....

jual toe in gauge,  alat ukur toe in roda mobil
jual toe in gauge, ....

Price: Negotiable

Toe In Gauge

Max length of measurement : 2000mm
min measure scale : 0, 1mm
Sleece scale : 15mm~ 0~ 15mm
Length : 1220mm
Weight : 2kg

Armature tester glower/ Armature Tester SYAT11 Sukyoung Korea
Armature tester....

Price: Negotiable

INTECHINDO Auto Support adalah importir dan penjual alat perlengkapan Technical Mecahnical & Industrial Equipment seperti :
Hoist Crane :
Electric Chain Hoist & Manual

jual: hydraulic gauge for automatic transmission model AT3; alat ukur hydraulic untuk tranmisi otomatis; NPA
jual: hydraulic....

Price: Negotiable

Hydraulic Gauge for Automatic transmission model AT-3

Meter diameter : ø 60mm
Max. scale : 1500kPa
Min. scale : 50kPa
Overall length : 14.70mm
Accessories : Nipple ( for....

Jual: Battery Tester DHC GYS BT 501 dengan Printer,  Alat test Aki Mobil dan sepeda motor dengan printer ,  jual batre tester
Jual: Battery Tester....

Price: Negotiable

GYS BT 501 DHC Electronic Digital Battery Tester - 6/ 12V ( 055209)

The GYS BT 501 is a professional tester which is easy to use, very fast and accurate and includes an....

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